2024 Malaysia Budget

The 2024 budget plan, totaling RM393.8 billion, exceeds the prior record of RM386.3 billion established when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim presented last year’s budget in February. Out of this total allocation, RM303.8 billion is allocated for operational expenses, RM90 billion for development projects, and RM2 billion set aside as a reserve fund. The […]

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2023 Malaysia Tax Law

The Latest Changes to Malaysia’s Tax Laws and How They Affect Your Business – 2023 Edition

Malaysia’s parliament approved the 2023 budget on March 9, 2023, marking the first budget tabled by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim since winning the national elections in 2022. The budget, which amounts to 388 billion ringgit (approximately US$86.8 billion), is the largest in Malaysia’s history and aims to promote economic growth and inclusivity through new tax

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Benefits of Becoming an Apprenticeship with Us

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